Professional Grill Cleaning & Restoration

Our services

Our service fee is $189 for a Deep Clean, which takes between 3 to 5 hours. For removable parts, we use a custom Steam Bath process, using environmentally safe and non-toxic detergents, and no caustic solvents. We then thoroughly clean and degrease the grill, inside and out. This cleaning will remove most grease and carbon deposits from the grill, burner area, hood and storage area. All interior surfaces are cleaned, exterior surfaces are cleaned, and we apply a natural product to exterior stainless steel surface areas to give additional protection. The grill is then checked for safety and proper functioning at the time of cleaning. We will alert you if any parts are in need of repair or replacement. While we can't entirely eliminate all heat and elemental exposure marks and discoloration, you will be amazed at the revitalization of your grill.

Additionally, we offer a Weekly Rental Cleaning service. This is a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, costing $89 per cleaning. This usually takes between 1 1/2 to two hours or more depending on the grill's use. This is done during the week at our first convenience, weather permitting, and only with the tenant’s permission. If a guest chooses to say "no" to a scheduled weekly cleaning, a trip fee of $25 will be charged and you are notified by email immediately. To facilitate a weekly cleaning our customers will provide us with a extra grill grate. We remove the "used" grate, clean and degrease the grill and install the replacement grate. This cuts down the amount of time necessary to inconvenience your guests. We then steam clean the dirty grate at our shop and store it for our next visit. Turn-over days are not always available for cleanings both due to the length of time the process takes and the weather. We are happy to work with your Rental Agent, or contact your guests directly if you prefer.


We live in a harsh coastal environment. Salt, sand, wind and insects will quickly damage your grill. If you have invested in a quality Weber, Wilmington, Viking, or other high end grill, you will want to keep it in good repair. We offer Repairs and full Restoration Service. Repair and Restoration work is charged at $45/hr plus cost of parts. We only use factory recommended parts. We can replace most burners, igniters, grates, flavorizer bars, and many other parts to extend the life of your grill. We charge a $35 Inspection fee. The Inspection fee is waived if repairs or a Deep Clean are scheduled. Almost all grills needing repairs also need a Deep Clean, as repairs are not possible on a dirty grill.  Some grills are found to be beyond repair, and we are happy to help with recommendations for replacement, if necessary.


We bill our clients by e-mail, and offer a safe and secure on-line payment option. Remember, regular cleaning extends the life of your grill and helps prevent grease fires! Our schedule fills up fast, so please call (252-305-2731) or email OBX Grill Doctor today to schedule service. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Grill Doctor says, "Keep it Clean!"